Let’s keep going. Let’s keep one foot in front of the other even if there is no vision at the end. Even though times are tough, animal advocates have to work hard because animals depend on us. Together, I know that we will ‘move on’ and fight cruelty and suffering to animals. This is my end of the year message.

1898 – 1985

Such as the growing presence of the Aga-Gag law. Ignorance and freedom from fear affect our politics. Global climate change remains a threat to all species on Earth. So what can we expect in 2021? Why should we wait for a better year ahead?

I promise everyone that I will keep going. “Each of my colleagues at the Canadian Animal Alliance takes the same vows. We can’t always promise to win, but we promise never to give up. You can take our word for it because we have been working to protect all animals and the environment since the establishment of AAC in 1990.

2021 was the year of our 30th anniversary, so we were thinking about the efforts, achievements, projects in which we have not succeeded, not yet. One of the endeavors we have worked so hard on, the investigation involves all matters related to animals. We have been successful, but the number of abused and exploited animals continues to rise in research, contrary to what the research community will convince us. In keeping with our philosophy that animals should not be used in research, we have worked to bring about broad and global change; Incremental steps to reduce the number of dead and slaughtered animals. We are always clear that we are fighting against a powerful opponent. This rival is the very idea that justice can be done by harming and victimizing animals in the hope that man will benefit.

We’ve all seen advertisements featuring people suffering from a traumatic illness, followed by a request to donate to a charity that promises treatment. However, 95% of drugs tested to be safe and effective in animals fail in human clinical trials. There is no explanation that such outdated research methods are being used even when modern non-animal alternatives exist (now known as “new approach methods”) and this research has a lot available for it. Loving animals don’t love humans. We ask for the benefit of all of them, a modern research approach that promotes human health and safety without the use and suffering of animals.

Our most prevalent adversary is the powerful idea of ​​being vulnerable to animal exploitation, the idea that loving and caring for humans goes hand in hand with the desire to exploit and harm nonhumans. This idea, endorsed by all of Canada’s governments, corporations large and small, and most, if not all, of our major educational institutions, is hard to challenge.

This year’s end message seems like one thing, doesn’t it? But, in a way, it is. By recognizing how powerful our opposition is, we also recognize that our movement is powerful too. Our numbers and influence are constantly increasing. Our voices are heard more. An often more visible achievement over the past decade has been Canada’s new Food Guide, which ultimately does not prioritize the commercial interests of animal agriculture. This alone has the potential to reduce the amount of animal products, thus preventing the breeding and killing of countless farm animals. This political achievement was not possible even a decade ago.

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