Highest paying url shortener: Shorten Your Link in everyday life

Highest paying url shortener: Shorten Your Link in everyday life, everyone uses more than 100 links in a day, whether surfing the Internet or downloading content from the Internet. URL shortener is one of the best platforms to earn income from the digital world. There are many income platforms, but on all platforms you have to work hard, but on this platform this effort is almost nil.

Highest paying url shortener

To start pasting your link or URL shortener and start earning. This does not require any paid promotion or customization. If you want to win by shortening your URL, read the full article, I’ll briefly explain how you can start shortening the URL of highest paying url shortener.

How the URL shortener works

In the world, 1.9 billion or more websites and web sites are collected with the help of URLs or links. The main motto of a URL shortener is to create a short URL and display an ad when the link is clicked. If you shorten your URL, an ad will appear for 2-5 seconds before opening your link. URL shortener websites pay for everyone who sees ads through their link or highest paying url shortener

If I explain it simply, the URL shortener is a website where an ad will be shown to people who open the content referencing your link. Sometimes short URLs annoy your visitors by displaying ads, so I recommend that you use URL abbreviations for 5% of the total website.

Why use the URL shortener to make short links

There are a variety of links on various blogs or websites. Some links have different markings and it seems ugly why no one wants to open it. To change the appearance of nasty URLs or remove varieties of symbols from links, use URL shorten for good visibility. If you shorten the URL, the URL is easy to read.

Division minimum

A simple URL includes protocol, domain, directory, and web page. If the directory is growing, the URL grows too, so the URL becomes ugly and cannot be read by humans. So it is necessary to minimize character.

Shorten makes it easy to share URLs

Easy to read and you can share with others. If you use a complex URL, it is difficult to read and share. If you share the link, you don’t attract others because of the long URL. The human mentality always clicks on short energy and they say the link is real.

Increase brand awareness

It can increase your brand awareness. Some companies allow a brand name to be added to the URL. 

How much can you earn with Url Shortener

By shortening the URL, no one can tell how much revenue you generate because it depends on how much traffic comes to your website and what your provider’s fee is. Only the traffic to your site depends on the earnings. If we count 5000 visitors per day to your website, then your monthly visitor is 150,000.

The URL Shorter website pays $ 2 per 1000 visitors. With a total monthly visitor, 10,000 visitors will browse the URL in a month. So your total income is $ 20. Therefore, your earnings are completely dependent on your traffic boost to shorten the link.

Top 5 Most Paid URL Shortener Websites

To earn more safely, you need to register unique URL shortener sites. Some shorter websites where you pay between $ 1 and $ 2 frown upon thousands of visitors or more. So I will research 5 unique websites that have high payout rates.

1. miniural.io.

Miniurl is a popular website and its payout rate is higher than other websites. Starting a thing in a mineral means registering. Your payment option is available on PayPal, which is available worldwide.

key features

  • You pay up to $ 250 for 1000 visits and your payment rate varies by country.
  • Using the Miniurl panel you can manage your links and the areas from which you can handle the traffic.
  • If the same visitor hits the URL twice he wins, I mean there is no limit.
  • There is also a referral program that is one of a kind, see anyone once and win a prize for life.
  • Your referral program pays 20% of referral earnings.
  • You can withdraw a minimum of $ 5 twice a month to a PayPal account.
2. Ideal

Adshrink is the best shortener in the world, sharing 80% of the revenue with the publisher and site and keeping 20%.. You can easily manage your URLs and check your earnings with proper analytics. Their service is available in more than 40 countries and all countries have different pay rates for 1000 views. The highest payment rate is $ 7.5 and the lowest is $ 1.8, we are the highest paid country and the second lowest.

key features

Advertising available in more than 40 countries with different payment rates.
Share 80% of your income with publishers.

3. Adf.Ly

This website is designed to share links on all platforms and has a minimum advertising time of 5 seconds.

Earl Shortner Earnings

Your registration process is very easy and you can start earning in 1 minute. Register your account and start earning. You can earn money because your equipment is easy to use and anyone uses it. Adf.ly provides an effective analysis platform.

key features

  • The minimum payment amount is $ 5.
  • The easiest payment options were PayPal, Payza, and Alertpay.
  • The payment rate for this website varies by country.
  • You can contact the teasily adfly team to inquire about your inquiry.
4. ClicksFly

Clicksfly is the most sustainable company. You can deposit your reward in various options PayPal, Bitcoin, Paytm, Mobikwik and Payer, etc.

Earl Shortner Earnings

You can also earn more money by shortening the URL and referring friends and colleagues. The lifetime earnings referral percentage is 20%. Analyze customer satisfaction and recommend both weekly and monthly payment options.

key features

  • The withdrawal option is available both weekly and monthly.
  • Different withdrawal options available PayPal, Bitcoin, Paytm, Mobikwik and Payair.
  • You get 20% commission from referrals.
5. Short zone

This is the best URL shortener and you can earn good income by shortening URLs. The pay rate for this website is $ 120 for 10,000 visits. In some countries its rate is $ 14 CPM is available.

Earl Shortner Earnings

There are many payment wallet options available like PayPal, Skrill, Appi, Baksh, etc.

key features

  • The ad format is clean mailers.
  • The wallets are available on PayPal, Skrill, Appi, Baksh.
  • Make basic daily payments.
  • The minimum payment is $ 5.
  • The reference is 20%.
Highest paying url shortener
Highest paying url shortener: Shorten Your Link in everyday life

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