How to delete a blog on Blogger with 6 easy steps? Blogger or some of us say that Blogspot is the best platform for newbie bloggers because it is free. Blogger is the only platform where subdomains are monetized through AdSense.

Yes, it is true that if you open your AdSense account and try to add a third party subdomain (,

The AdSense team will not accept your request. Adsense only supports Blogspot subdomains or Adsense approved subdomains. How to delete a blog in Blogger, delete a blog in Blogger.

Have you decided to permanently delete the blog from Blogger?

Blogger is the best Google platform where any user can create their own blog and share their experience in just a few steps. Blogger is a completely free blogging platform and you get a subdomain of Blogger to run your blog.

We can say that the first step of a blogger is to create a free blog on Blogger and learn everything about blogging. Also, I started my journey since I moved to WordPress.

If you have decided to delete a blogger blog, there must be a valid reason behind it. I guess the next reason behind removing your free blogger blog

  • You choose a wrong niche
  • The subdomain you selected is not good
  • You don’t have time to manage it
  • If you have decided, follow the steps to delete the blog on Blogger.

To delete a blog, you do not need to delete your Google or Blogger account. I give you an easy hint that helps you delete a particular blog.

If you are using the new Blogger Dashboard, you must follow the steps below; otherwise, scroll down and read how to delete a blog on Blogger (using the old Blogger Dashboard).

Table of Contents

  • How to delete a blog in Blogger (using the new Blogger Dashboard)
  • How to delete a blog on Blogger (using the old Blogger dashboard)
  • Frequently asked questions are related to deleting blogs from Blogger
  • Last word

How to delete a blog in Blogger (using the new Blogger Dashboard)

  • STEP – 1: Explore and log in with your email account. Open the Blogger panel, How to delete a blog in Blogger (6 easy steps)
  • STEP – 2: Now the Blogger Panel opens and select the blog you want to delete. Select the correct blog using the blog selection section available at the top left. Choose the blog you want to delete
  • STEP – 3: Click Settings and scroll down to manage your blog. Manage your blog
  • STEP – 4: In the blog section, you will see three options [Import content, backup content, videos from your blog and delete your blog].
  • STEP – 5: If your blog has any content, click on the backup content and download all the data available on your blog.
  • STEP – 6: To delete a blog, click Permanently delete blog. Your blog has been deleted …

TIP: In Blogger, if you accidentally delete a blog, you can get it back immediately. After deleting the blog you will see two options “Permanently delete” and recover.

If you want to recover the domain, click recover; otherwise, click delete permanently. If in doubt, watch the video on how to delete a blog:

If you are a former Blogger user, please follow the steps below to delete a blog from Blogger. How to delete a blog on Blogger (using the old Blogger dashboard) Open and log into Blogger with your email.

How to delete a blog in blogger using blogger settings, open bloggerLog in to the mail where the blog you want to delete is available. Now select the blog you want to delete. You will see that your blog option is at the top left of Blogger.

Select blogOpen the settings and open the option ‘Other’. Open settings and othersNow the option to delete your blog has arrived but do not delete it because if you click delete, all the data available on that blog will also be deleted.

So export all your blog data. Click on the option Delete your blog permanently and delete your blog permanently. Congratulations, you learned how to delete the blog from Blogger.

If you follow the steps above, you will delete your blog in a minute, but you need to remember some important points.

Make a backup of your blog data (posts and pages).

That subdomain will be deleted forever after 90 days. If you think about which is the best blogger or WordPress, you can read a detailed comparison between WordPress and Blogger.

I explain the 6-step strategy to remove your blog from Blogger or Blogspot easily. Now if your query is how to delete Blogger account without deleting Gmail, read the article.

Watch the video where I explain how to delete a blog on Blogger. Frequently asked questions are related to deleting blogs from Blogger

Can I delete my blog once?

Yes, it can, according to Google, must be recovered within 90 days of removal. Can I delete my entire blog if I forget my username? Open account on Google and click on Privacy and Personalization.

Now choose the Delete your product section, where you will have the option to delete your Blogger / Blogspot account. How do I delete my Blogger account without logging in to the Blogger Dashboard?

The answer is no, there is a way that was explained to me in this post. There is another way, but with that method you have to delete your Gmail / Google account.

Last word

I think you understand how to protect a blogger blog and the data on that blog. Comment below if you have any questions about it.

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