How to make money on YouTube?

How to make money on YouTube in 2021! Everyone knows very well that making good luck on YouTube is not so easy, and the general thing is that the most famous YouTubers not only get income from clicks and visits. But are also direct Establish collaborations with brands, is part of affiliate programs and attends both events and others. So, today in this amazing article we will show you an amazing list in which we will present the 10 best YouTube options to earn money.

Make money on youtube

Making a fortune on YouTube is not that simple, and the general point is that the most popular YouTubers not only earn income from clicks and visits, make money on youtube, but also establish direct collaboration with brands, part of the affiliate programs. Do and go. Events as well as others. However, the most interesting thing about the new YouTube partner program is that it now requires at least 1000 subscribers or exclusive video for members and 4000 hours of watch in the last twelve months for demonetization.

The same criteria will even apply to channels that are already monetizing their activity with advertising. Another requirement is to have a Google advertising account linked to the YouTube channel, from which you can choose the format of the ads it shows, overlay ads, display ads and more and the fact that it is not so easy to accumulate too much money for this monetization process.

Make original videos

Whose response is usually slower than that of the platform and whose waiting time you can reduce by referring to the sources of your content, try to make original videosThey are, never resort to duplicate content and legitimately use copyrighted content that does not infringe on the rights of the owners.

So now if you are really tired of YouTube and now you want to find the best option to make money from your videos then don’t worry. Because today in this amazing article, we will give you an amazing list. We will present the 10 best YouTube options to earn money. So, now let’s get started without wasting much time and look at the full list mentioned below.


DTube is a decentralized platform for streaming video connected to Steemit that doesn’t have a lot of features at the moment, but still, it’s one of the best options. As such, their system only allows you to earn real money or cryptocurrencies through accumulated votes. So it is an alternative to YouTube that can simply add weight in the years to come and beat the huge video platform of the tech giant Google, of course YouTube.


The famous BridTV is another great alternative to YouTube and as such is one of the best online video monetization platforms that allows small and large businesses to host their videos, encode and earn money. On this platform, of course, I am not talking about anyone other than BridTV, content publishers can only get 60% of advertising revenue, while BridTV only gets 40% of its revenue from its publishers.


Currently, it is one of the best known and popular micromanagement platforms for content creators, writers and YouTubers who love to make money through their audience and not so much through advertising. This famous video platform was established in the United States, San Francisco. But, the most interesting thing about this platform is that its recurring monthly micropayments simply allow many of its creators to make their projects self-sufficient. The biggest complaint, however, is that payments are received through PayPal that charge too much for currency exchange or conversion.


Born fifteen years ago, with a paltry 300 million monthly users, this renowned video platform focuses only on creative content for uploading and storing digital videos. So if you want to use WeMo to monetize your creations, you can simply choose two options. The “Tip Jar” option, with which it is possible to receive direct donations from professional users, while “you pay See” Require users to pay. Fixed amount for its content. In 2013, the website introduced the “Vimeo on Demand” tool, the section you must go to as a content creator, just to sell videos on Vimeo.


Since its introduction with the famous giant video platform, of course, Vimeo has been one of the main competitors of YouTube, if you need a powerful content aggregator, this is your option, tag videos and earn ad revenue. The demonetization system is similar to the famous giant video platform of the tech giant Google, of course YouTube. There is room for more film and cultural content, such as up to one hour of video on stage from short films.


Although you know more about Flickr, due to its importance for photographers (both amateurs and professionals) on this platform, you can post long photos. A name that produces short videos that last ninety seconds. It cannot be more. This is how you can tag and sell your content with a watermark on the platform itself.


Another very interesting digital video platform that only offers free service to users and promotional videos from other companies. As users earn money through ads and videos. So, if you want to win, you must create an account and start your adventure within this platform.


This is undoubtedly one of YouTube’s best-known options for monetizing video content, which can basically be done through two channels: subscribers and donations. As such, content creators can earn money through sponsor deals, as long as the content meets the requirements and receives interest. Therefore, it is a great nest for players. Social media giant Facebook provides 55% of the advertising revenue on its show to all of its video creators.

Therefore, the social media giant Facebook has announced a new content creation program that provides specialized tools to create and promote videos in real time and not only this, even the social media giant Facebook has a new section on its desktop website, known as “Facebook for creators”, where content creators can improve their video-making skills. Tips for creating can be found, so your audience can better connect simply by using the new features of the social media giant Facebook.


Originally, AdRev is a multi-channel network with common features and a large audio database that only reflects a large, completely free music database for all your videos. And not only that, with all these features. This famous platform also provides a large number of tools for video adaptation and promotion.

As this platform itself claims they can maximize revenue as well as protect and monitor content on multiple video platforms. These are the 10 best YouTube options to earn money available on the Internet. However, it is worth noting that many other similar services are also available on the internet, but we have listed only the best for all of you.

So what do you think about this?

Just share all your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below. If you have something of quality and you want to turn it into money, you share your knowledge in the form of a video and it will generate income. In this post, I will explain how you make money with YouTube but YouTube changes its monetization policy, so in this post I will give the option of Best YouTube alternative to earn money online.

Monetizing a YouTube

If you want to monetize your videos on YouTube, make money on youtube, your channel must watch 4000 hours in the last 360 days and have at least 1000 real subscribers. If your channel meets the above criteria, it does not mean that your channel will be monetized, if your channel takes the time to review any kind of faulty content (does not follow YouTube guidelines), then the monetization of your channel. This is the criteria for monetizing a YouTube channel and why I will give a short guide to the best YouTube option is make money on youtube.

Facebook YouTube monetization for creators: Facebook for Creators is specifically designed for creators who want to earn money by sharing their experience. The creators of Facebook offer to make money by publishing ads on their videos. This also likes YouTube. In my opinion, the best and first option on youtube is Fb Creators if your channel is not monetized on youtube. Facebook attracts 1.62 billion visitors a day, which is the number one spot in Facebook’s choice of YouTube alternative.


TikTok, which is a living example of demand for video content. If you watch video content, you definitely use TikTok. The best YouTube alternatives to earn money online. TikTok is a platform where you upload videos in any niche but on this platform the duration of your video is shorter.

On TikTok, you have a chance to earn millions of rupees a day by posting a sponsored video. The best benefit will make you your personal fan with TikTok easily. You look at the graph of how tiktok evolved and it is the best YouTube alternative. Dailymotion is the perfect YouTube option for beginning creators.

On this platform, any niche user can easily publish their content. Dailymotion is a France based company because it gives you more viewers to watch around the world and you are more because your video receives international traffic. Dailymotion receives 300 million unique monthly visitors and most of the users have an average duration of more than 5 minutes.


Vimeo is a platform where you sell your videos. You can make a professional video and that video will be sold on Vimeo. In this space, you rent your videos or you subscribe to users. Vimeo’s total revenue is 10% of total revenue. If you are a gamer and want to make money uploading game videos, the right platform is Twitch.

It gives you the opportunity to stream live game videos and earn through channel monetization and donations. If you have a gaming skill, you earn money playing games. Genyoutube 100% free Youtube video and audio downloader. Genyoutube is a content download platform. Where you can download YouTube videos directly. I explained Youtube video download using Gen YouTube.

YouTube is the world’s largest media platform, uploading and watching 1000 or more videos a day Youtube (make money on youtube) is an online streaming platform with billions of videos. Basically youtube is a simple video streaming platform and it was founded 14 years ago.

Its headquarters are available in California, USA Many people make thousands of dollars from YouTube by uploading various videos. GenYoutube, Gen Youtube, Youtube video downloader, free video downloader, genyoutube.

What is youtube video downloader?

Youtube Video Downloader is a website where you can download any youtube video directly to your memory card. There are many YouTube downloaders available in the market, it is popular. If you are looking for a source of income online, read Hidden Ways to Make Money on Facebook. GenYoutube or Youtube Genyoutube video download platform.

General YouTube is an ultra-fast YouTube video download platform. You can download any YouTube video using this video download platform. This free video downloader allows you to download a different type of content format. This downloader downloads any youtube video in mp4, mp3, webmp, 3gp, flv in high and low quality.

GenYoutube Features

You can download your youtube video in any format using genyoutube. You can see a clean preview image (screenshot) or play your video before downloading. Video Downloader’s search bar is similar to YouTube. Which you may be more familiar with.

Sort your content using the sort option in YouTube video downloader. Gen Youtube uses a super fast script that handles multiple YouTube video downloads at once without stuttering. If you don’t have enough data, you can download low-quality videos. All restricted YouTube videos are available in this free video downloader.

How to Download Youtube Videos Using Genyoutube?

GenYoutube made it easy to download any YouTube video easily. Genyoutube has three ways to download any video from youtube

  • Paste the link
    Adding Gen to Url
1. Pasting link

If you have time, the best way to download youtube videos is to paste the video link on the website. Follow the steps below – Open the Genyoutube home page. Download YouTube videos using the video link specified at the top of each video. Copy the video link. Download your favorite YouTube videos and save them offline to your storage. The second method to download Youtube videos is to put “gen” at the beginning of the yt URL. The steps are given below:

2. Adding Gen in Url
  • Open Youtube and find the video you want to download.
  • Now open the URL of the YouTube video and put “gen” at the beginning of the URL.
  • Download normal video
  • Click OK. Now it will redirect you to genyoutube page and you will have an
  • interface like below.
  • Your video is ready to download.
  • Now click on the generated download link.
  • And you will get a variety of options to download the video in a different format.
  • Download normal video
How do I download Youtube videos as MP3 using GenYoutube?

Open Genyoutube website and follow any of the above steps and now one of the main things you want is to download youtube videos. Now the Genyoutubes video download panel is open, click on the generated download link. Now you see a few different video formats available for download. Whether the option to check mp3 is available or not, please click the alternative link available on that side.

How is GenyouTube different from YouTube?

There are many YouTube download websites on the market, all third party websites. Also, General YouTube is a third party site and offers the option to download any YouTube video in various formats or resolutions.

GenYouTube: the fastest way to download YouTube videos

GenYouTube is an official website available on all popular search engines. It helps to download YouTube videos in various formats. They support the service on a smartphone, mobile, desktop and PC.

The service provided is free and can be downloaded in different qualities according to your data plan, storage availability and requirements. Using the available formats to download videos in HD and SD quality from YouTube to mp4, mp3, WebM, 3gp, Flv formats. According to the genyoutube website, there are two options available to download YouTube videos.

  • Step 1: select the video you want to download.
    Step 2: Paste the video link from the URL or copy the video link from the window using the share icon at the bottom of the video.
    Step 3: open the genie in a new window.
    Step 4: Paste the video link in the search box on the home window and hit the Enter button.
    Step 5: The page will automatically go to the next page where you can preview the video.
    Step 6: Confirm the download and choose the required format and start downloading the video.

Add the word gene to the Youtube video link, that is, if you are watching a video on Youtube and you want to download that video, just add the gen with the Youtube URL and these are two options available to download videos directly from YouTube in the desired formats in less time without complexity.

Genyoutube Features

You can download any type of Youtube video using GenYoutube. You can preview your download via screenshot or video playback. With this, you can also search for videos and play them even before downloading. You can also search for episodes and movies and download them. The search results can be sorted by relevance, number of visits, title, rating, and publication date.

Currently, it supports 55 video download formats. GenYoutube offers Youtube video downloads in mp4, WebM, m4a, 3gp and 3D formats ranging from mobile devices to HDTV resolution. You can download Vivo videos, age-restricted videos, protected area videos. GenYoutube is based on a super fast script that can handle multiple downloads simultaneously. So it will never free up any download speed.

Genius allows us to select videos to be taken through screenshots or video playback. They accept videos of any size and type. You don’t need to subscribe to any channel to download any video. In fact, the main advantage of Genius is that they do not require registration or any personal information to use their service. Many of the similar websites ask for personal information, and many emails are sent to email IDs, causing the inbox to flood.

They support fifty-five different formats. This is a much bigger option than other similar websites that provide a YouTube download service. Another feature of Genius is that they allow you to preview before downloading in any format. Search results can be sorted based on relevance, view count, title, rating, and post date. This will help ensure video download by avoiding data and time. There are no rules or regulations for the video that has been downloaded.

Restricted videos

They can include any video, you can download Vivo videos, age restricted videos, protected area videos. It is often necessary to subscribe to the thesis channel to allow the download of videos, but not really any other procedure, but a simple and clear way to download. Genyoutube works with the super fast scripting method to avoid video download delays even at times of increased site traffic. GenYoutube is based on a super fast script that can handle multiple downloads simultaneously.

So you will never face the download speed problem. If you want to choose an authentic, fast and easy way to download YouTube videos without flooding your inbox without email. Genyoutube is the right choice. The quality of the video will not be compromised from the format and the consumer resists the size. Since they are downloaded directly from the website, no special storage space is wasted on the devices. The simple steps on the website to download make the process easy.

What is Amazon Mturk and strategies to make money with Mturk! Looking for a great job with a prize money? Work from home, so why not choose the Amazon Mturk platform to earn money? If you are really dedicated to making money, read the full post for detailed information on mturk or Amazon Mturk.

What is amazon mturk amazon Mechanical turkey job, pay for amazon Mechanical turkey?

How to get started with amazon mechanical ottoman, amazon mechanical ottoman worker registration. Amazon is a global platform and the most populated server company was Amazon Web Services. Amazon Hits (Human Intelligence Task) platform called Amazon mturk. You can work full time at this company. Ottoman mechanical services for workers perform tasks using human intelligence.

What is amazon mturk?

For those who do not know mturk, mturk is for mechanical turks and is an official Amazon service. Amazon mturk is a platform where Amazon completes its projects using human intelligence. Provide your workers with some simple tasks and submit a payment for the tasks. Mturk provides a fairly simple task that takes a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes.

You can work at Amazon Mturk without any qualifications and some tasks require prior qualifications. On the Mechanical Ottoman platform, peak tasks are short-term tasks. For example, you are tasked with giving a short product review, writing a 200-300 word article. What are the successes in amazon mturk?

The new business in Mturk can be confusing to visit. In the Amazon marketplace, visits are used to get accurate results. HITS stands for Human Intelligence Task and is a technology that Amazon uses to produce accurate results. Note that not a single task is assigned. We compare the results of all workers to obtain accurate results, with the workers and everyone doing their job.

Amazon mturk

If the workers are 100% and 80% of the workers give the same answer, then that answer is correct, which requires one percent more. All assignments in Mechanical Turk are based on hits. All tasks are divided into a separate task for best results. What is eligible for amazon mturk: There is no precise criterion to work mainly on mechanical turks. Mountark is available in some countries which are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, India, Germany, Hong Kong, etc. Few other countries are available in these countries.

If your country is available in this list then you are eligible for amazon mturk. Amazon is trying to expand this service around the world to get better workers. If the Amazon service is available in your country, there is more likely a mechanical turkey service. Workers and Applicants in Mechanical Turks: Both workers and applicants are an important part of this system. What is the value of activists and applicants in this forum, I will explain below.

Applicants are mturk clients who assign assignments to the company. Applicants use the mturk interface to create visits for workers. For a requirement, the price is decided on the basis of merit and hits. Set your rate for an assignment. Applicants pay a fixed fee for each HIT they create and an external fee to the company, the MTUR fee is based on fees paid by workers.

External qualifications

If applicants want external qualifications, they must pay a fee to the workers. Complete available tasks using human intelligence to earn money on Amazon Turk. After completing the task, you get the fee for that job. You must agree to the terms and conditions on the preview page before accepting an assignment. All tasks have a terms and conditions page and a required name, allotted time, and amount of reward available.

The way you will complete the task and all the details are written on the preview page. To perform any task you must accept the t & c of that page. On the preview page of each action, the prize money and the number of visits are available at the top. The time allotted to complete this task is also written down.

What type of work is available on Amazon Mturk?

Amazon mturk has both simple and difficult tasks available. Workers who have verified qualifications are assigned tasks. The job available at Mturk is:

1. Computer image / video processing difficulties, so the work can be easily done using human intelligence. Workers can analyze images and videos manually. Amazon mturk, mturk, amazon mechanical torque, mechanical torque. In image / video processing tasks, manually find a particular object.

2. Data validation and cleansing In large directories, you should detect duplicate or unusual entries. Analyze and clean duplicate entries. Amazon mturk, mturk, amazon mechanical torque, mechanical torque.

3. Gathering information for a particular item. Tasks such as writing articles, response surveys, specific data, etc. Amazon Mechanical ottoman mturk login mturk walker mturk jobs amazon Mechanical.

4. Data processing. Buyers can understand your products using various data collected by workers. Tasks are editing and transcribing, translating from one language to another, rating the accuracy of results, classifying information based on instruction. Amazon Mechanical turk, mturk login, mturk woker, mturk jobs, amazon Mechanical, whatsapp is amazon mouturk.

Amazon Mechanical Turkey job, Amazon Mechanical Turkey pay. How to get started with amazon mechanical ottoman, amazon mechanical ottoman worker registration. Five strategies to win with Amazon Mountuck: If you can work with the strategy, you must be successful. How you can earn more in less time on Amazon Mturk. Are you willing to earn more than reading the full article?

1. Select Quick Tasks

Try to choose jobs that complete quickly. Finish your work before the scheduled time. If you choose quick action, your mturk rating will increase as will the reward.

2. HIT selection

Maximum visits pay less reward (for example, $ 0.01–0.02), so try to choose the visits that can be completed quickly and pay a minimum of $ 0.5 or more.

3. Increase capacity

Rating plays a big role in mturk, so try to increase the merit. In some successes before applying, you request that a full aptitude test be administered to show that you are eligible for this success. If you complete these types of hits, your skills will increase and you will get more tasks with a reward amount.

4. Use filters

What is amazon, mechanical turk, amazon mercur: Mturk is available to the right of the dashboard filter option. By using this option, you can manage the hits to the best of your ability. To sort Creation Date (Oldest or Newest), Reward Amount (Lowest or Highest), Hits (Smallest or Highest), you need to choose a good option. You can set the prize money manually using the filter option.

5. Study successes

Study the success page before accepting, if you study a hit and then request it then you will have the idea of completing the hit and hitting with less time. If you complete a shot ahead of time and accuracy, your rating will increase and mturk will give you intelligence. Setting up your Amazon Mturk worker account: I know you are interested after reading the above article, please login to the process below. To log in as a worker, you need an Amazon account. Browse the official Mountark website.

Choose to login worker: What are the strategies to win with Amazon Killer and Mountark? Now the login page is running on your screen and Amazon is asking for an email and password. If you don’t have an Amazon account, click Create your Amazon account and go directly to step five. After entering your email and password, the website redirects to the mturk worker dashboard., mturk worker.

What is amazon mturk!

Now your account has been verified and you receive a message like the image above. Wait for the review message from Amazon, you will be able to work on Amazon Mountark after successfully completing the review of your account. Pros and cons of Mechanical Turk.. There is no website that is perfect, every website has its own pros and cons.


The Mechanical Turk website is a 100% trustworthy site. This website makes basic daily payments, I mean you can withdraw daily payments. Choose your time to work, there is no mandatory work time. You can earn more if you add overtime. Opposition Hits are used on this platform, so you pay less for tasks. Mturk pays 20% of your total earnings.

Make money on YouTube
How to make money on YouTube in 2021

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