How to make money with Facebook page likes

How to make money with Facebook page likes. Maybe you are running a Facebook page anywhere, be it for entertainment purposes or for any business. But I’m sure your page got more organic reach, enough likes and good, attractive members and then I thought about making money from it, but how do you make money from Facebook page likes?

Well I have a great idea and that’s it, read the short informative paragraph listed below and then I guarantee that you will be able to make money from Facebook Likes and Pages. Apart from those selfies and chats on Facebook Messenger, you can also earn good money on Facebook based on your interest.

And the main and best way that I like it is the Facebook page. However, not only by selling likes on Facebook pages, but also by managing and running those Facebook pages. I still love Facebook because groups help me a lot and those groups help me get free knowledge.

Ways to earn money from facebook page

Make money from Facebook page likes (common method) – Basically, this is one of the oldest ways to make money from Facebook pages, but still people are very curious and still, these services are in demand in the online market. But don’t think that once you enter this market you won’t have any chance of making money. Sure you will have possibilities.

Now you really need to know what it’s like to make money from Facebook likes. How to make money with Facebook page likes! There are people on Facebook who sell these likes for a certain amount and there are people who buy them. Here’s an example …

  • $ 5 1000 likes
    $ 10 6000 Likes
    $ 15 8000 Likes
    $ 25 10000 Likes

This is just an example, but it is a fact. Basically, Facebook doesn’t support all of these activities, so for people’s sake, do this and make money. Earn Facebook page likes, this is the best way.

Now how do you do this?

So it is quite simple to buy from someone else and sell it to your customer at a profitable price. You can buy these services on Fiverr. Fiverr never supports this kind of thing, but people create their gig wisely and make money. Now you must be clear about how and where to get these Facebook likes and sell them to your customers. You can get those likes from anywhere, just one suggestion was to go to Fiverr and get it.

Grow organically, make money on Facebook pages

Limited money. First of all, let me explain how to grow your Facebook page organically and for free. Most of the people ignore this method, while in this method of growing your Facebook page there are more opportunities to earn money from Facebook page and likes.

Have you ever wondered how much money you can make with the Facebook page? Maybe $ 1000 or $ 2000, but what if I say you can earn more than $ 2000? You may not believe it, but the potential of Facebook Pages is limitless and you can make a living from them. You must have heard that it takes hard work and patience for every job, the same rule applies here too, but if you play wisely, making $ 100 + per day using Facebook is a common thing for you.

Earn money with Facebook page likes

Let’s discuss step by step to grow your Facebook page organically – if you are reading this article I am sure you may be hungry enough to make money from Facebook. I wrote a blog a month ago where I mentioned many ways to make money with Facebook and that post is not just talking about making money with the Facebook page you are reading, that post is talking about different ways to make money with Facebook.

He also talks about the methods and I have also revealed some secret tips there. Here’s a look at that post. Back on topic, how to get organic reach on your Facebook page so you can get all the real organic likes, engagement, and money. follow these steps: Earn money from Facebook page likes or grow organically.

Step 1: Find a suitable niche

If you’ve started a Facebook Page and your niche is unclear, I’m sure you may face the problem of most likes and engagement. The moral is that you need a Facebook page that has a category / niche for people to come and enjoy the content on your page.

Let’s take an example that you have a Facebook page related to a specific product that has a wide range. This way you can also earn good money from the Facebook page. But how will these products help us make money? (Checkout Step-5 Ways to Earn Money)

Let’s take an example that you have a Facebook page related to a specific product that has a wide range. This way you can also earn good money from the Facebook page. But how will these products help us make money? (Checkout Step-5 Ways to Earn Money) After this, it’s time to create content.

Step 2: content creation

Now you are clear about the category / niche that you are going to upload to your Facebook page, right! Content creation plays a vital role in the growth of your Facebook page. Always be consistent and keep creating content, the day you stop creating content your organic reach will decrease which is a bad sign for your Facebook page. So never stop creating content.

If you lead a busy life, you need to schedule the posts you are going to publish in the future. There are many apps in Play Store and AppStore to help you program. The content that you are creating now can be in any valuable format. You can post a video, audio, infographics, or anything of value to people.

Step 3: collaboration

Basically if you are doing all things in the right direction then you are not getting results then you need to collaborate with other people in the same place to get your unique content exposed. You and others can help. Support is paid a few times, but free collaboration will work for your initial boost and if your content is good and you have a good amount of likes and shares on the Facebook page then you can ask for money for people’s cooperation.

Step 4: Organize the giveaway and run an ad campaign

This amazing way to make your group more attractive. You need to organize gifts for your patrons and it can be anything cheap. Giveaways are the best way to get the best engagement on your Facebook page. You can also run ad campaigns on your Facebook page. If you know how to run an ad, do it if you don’t, hire a freelancer to do it for you at a cost. You can count on the help of Fiverr to hire freelancers at the cheapest price.

Step 5: Ways to earn money

Originally, FB groups were formed for commercial or educational purposes. In the FB group, you can prove your rights by responding to responses from people and you can suggest an affiliate product. There are a lot of people and most people don’t know which one is the best. Then they ask you for suggestions in different groups and you will help the man and tell him what is the best, then you suggest buying from your affiliate link.

Sell your Facebook page

Yes, I tell you the truth, you can earn by selling your Facebook page. If you know the Facebook page, then each page has a certain place and audience. Take an example: “If you have a Facebook Page that has a beauty niche, your page’s audience should be interested in beauty” so you can easily sell your products related to beauty.

As I said in Step 1, there are many ways to earn money from Facebook Page Likes. There are many ways to make money from Facebook page such as affiliate marketing, blogging, sales, and many more. You sell a good product related to your Facebook page and you get a decent commission through affiliate marketing. Drive traffic to your blog from Facebook. You can sell anything on your page and much more.

There are unlimited ways to earn money from there. Once you have a good audience, you can do anything with it to make money. Now it’s totally up to you how you use that traffic to earn.

I have explained to you in two ways:

Grow organically, make money on Facebook pages – unlimited money and there is a big difference between both methods, where the first method is to make money from Facebook page likes. Where the second method tells us how to make money with Facebook pages but growing organically.

It's easy for the second method not to hurt you, but what about the first method?
  • Cons of the first method: make money with Facebook page likes (normal method)
    This method is not compatible with Facebook and Facebook hates it.
    Your customer will not be satisfied because all the likes you sell will be mostly bots.
    Clients will have a good amount of likes, but no commitment.
    Engagement is more important than the number of likes on a Facebook page.
    This method is just about selling and nothing else, in which you won’t be able to make a lot of money.
    Short-term money.
    Benefits of the second method: grow organically, make money on Facebook pages – Unlimited money
    This method is your entire responsibility to grow your Facebook page and earn money.
    As the title says, there is unlimited money in this method.
    Here are many ways to make good money from Facebook likes and pages.
    Passive income.

Bonus Tip: Read this article by Neil Patel on his website, literally a long and detailed article on how to make money from a Facebook page as PDF.

How to make money with Facebook page likes
How to make money with Facebook page likes

How to earn money from Facebook page! Facebook which is the king of social media and mostly has Facebook accounts. People mostly use Facebook to share videos, photos, but I give you 1000% legitimate ways how to make money from Facebook page. How To Make Money From Facebook Page? 1000% Legitimate Ways, How To Make Money From Facebook, Make Money Online.

How to earn money from Facebook page?

Millions of people around the world search for more methods or methods as they can be offline or online. If you are also looking for a query like this, you will get the right idea from this post. The best part of this post is that I will explain how you earn with your Facebook account by sharing the post, forming a group or doing a little job, so read the post to understand the money earned on Facebook page. Now, do you think it’s really possible …? Yes, it is possible and strange that you use your circle of friends to make good income from Facebook.

Of them, some readers think I’m cheating on you, not at all. The crazy thing is, you will earn using Facebook products or services like Facebook Pages, Facebook Videos, Facebook Instant Articles or more. If you are really interested in knowing, read the full post. If you’re still not convinced, there are some success stories you can read to find out the truth and they are available on the official Facebook success stories page.

First of all, you need to understand where you will be getting audience earnings from from that place or point. Facebook is a social platform where people come to post their photos or see the posts of others or express their happiness. If you look at the Facebook dashboard, you recognize that Facebook is not just a place to share photos or videos, but this platform is used to share affiliate links, website posts or FB to create a personalized brand. It is also done.

We discuss these methods to make money with Facebook:
  • How to earn money from Facebook page?
    How to make money with Facebook video / creator?
    How to make money with likes on facebook?
    How to make money with the Facebook group or post a link in the group?

How do you earn with advertising on Facebook?

The Facebook page is a platform or a base where you will share anything to inform the followers of your page and you will also promote your products or do affiliate marketing. Mainly Facebook pages are created to learn about any product or service. You will get your product online by posting your product image or detailed review in just a few minutes. The main requirement to create a Facebook page is that it is necessary when you start advertising on Facebook. Now you understand about the Facebook page, then ‘how to make money with the Facebook page!

  • So there are many ways to make money from a Facebook page.
    Earn money with Facebook likes or fans
    The first strategy is to build your fan / followers on your page.
    First, what knowledge do you have and create a page.

Now some questions are popping in your mind about how I can get followers on my page. Join some pages that are related to your page and answer the questions posted on that page, ensuring you will get likes or followers on your page. Now you have created a Moneymaking Facebook page and joined some affiliate marketing programs that are related to your niche. Post the best product affiliate link on your page that help your followers / your fans, this way you win and help your fans win.

How much money can you earn from the Facebook page? The truth is that nobody says how much you earn with Facebook because it depends entirely on the capacity of your Facebook page and the effort you put into it. Don’t worry, I give you an example where you get an idea of how much you earn from a Facebook page. I already explained that there are many sources that help you win affiliate marketing, sponsorship or more from Facebook.

As an example, if your page follower is 5K and your niche is about technology and you explain the best laptops under 20K and this laptop is the best for beginners. Now your conversation on this laptop is more because it gives you the best laptop for beginners and any user can reduce its cost. If you provide the correct information on your page, you will be successful otherwise. I think you understand how much you earn from a Facebook page.

How do you make money from Pages & Facebook video?

According to some polls, video content is the future king in this digital arena, I mean the poll shows that most people prefer to watch video content than anyone else. Video content is more relevant because users get information easily without any effort. Facebook generates more than 4 billion visits a day. 65% of daily video views come from smartphones only and the rest come from other devices. Now consider the potential of video content … So you also upload videos to Facebook and also generate income.

Now let me tell you how you monetize your Facebook videos and what eligibility is required by the Facebook creator. Now stay tuned to our topic “how can you watch videos”. Eligibility for Facebook Video Monetization! How To Make Money From Facebook Videos, How To Make Money From Facebook: 1000% Legitimate Ways, How To Make Money From Facebook Page, Make Money Online

# Parameter-1

A Facebook page with 10,000 followers and that page must comply with all Facebook policies

# Parameter-2

Uploaded video views must be 30,000 1-minute views for a 3-minute video and must occur in the last 60 days.

# Diameter-3

You must be at least 18 years of age. If your page meets all three criteria above, then you are eligible for Facebook creators and your videos are monetized with FB ads. How to make money with the Facebook group! The Facebook group is a space created for certain information where users share information or something else. Facebook groups are created for group communication, topics are created per group. In Facebook groups you can ask your question to group members or answer questions from other group members.

Earn money with a few simple tasks! If you have a student or a home builder, then you are suitable for this method. If you want to earn pocket money or some money to run your house, this method is best for you. In fact, you give less than an hour a day and earn more for yourself.

Earn money with a few simple tasks, earn with surveys A small task completes any data entry, survey, assignment, product review and generates some money. Tasks vary according to the demand of the providers.

This is a good opportunity for students and housewives to earn something. If you save some time for these tasks, you can earn more. Basically, housewives can earn more on these tasks. The 18 best sites to earn money from home with 1-2 hours a day.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a microtsk platform where you can earn points called SB, which can be redeemed for gift cards and coupons. You can earn Swagbucks by watching videos, playing games, answering questions, shopping online, and even browsing the web using your search bar.

Watch your friends and you will earn even more SB. Your SB Point can be redeemed for Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and PayPal gift cards. Sign up today and you will receive a $ 5.00 bonus! Swagbucks has been featured on ABC News, MSN Money, Yahoo, and Forbes and is rated A + by the Better Business Bureau.

2. InboxDollar

Here you can earn cash for taking surveys, reading emails, playing games, collecting coupons, searching the web, and shopping online. Membership is free and you will receive $ 5.00 to sign up. Payment is made by check. Current companies using InboxDollars are Target, Netflix, H&R Block, and Walmart. InboxDollars is open to residents of the US, Canada and the UK.

3. CashCrate

There is an online platform where you can earn money by completing offers, surveying, watching videos, completing tasks online and shopping online using their portal. The job pays from a few cents to $ 30 or more, and you will receive $ 1 to sign up for a new account. Payment is made by check and paypal.

4. FusionCash

FusionCash is a microtask platform that allows you to earn money doing surveys, watching videos, shopping, completing small tasks, and more. Just sign up to join and earn $ 5.00 instantly. Most offers pay between $ 0.25 and $ 30.00 per offer, and payment is made via PayPal, check, or direct deposit once your account reaches the $ 25.00 limit. Some offers require a credit card number, so if you are not comfortable giving that information, just limit yourself to the offers that show the CC icon without it. FusionCash is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

5. Feverr

Fiverr is a bit different in that you are not looking for work. Instead, you post the tasks you want to complete for $ 5.00. People sell everything from writing services, design services, voice-over services to making phone calls and videos. Once the sale is made, Fiverr will charge $ 1.00 and the payment will be made through PayPal.

It does not cost much?

The Fiverr Mastermind Group (six Fiverr electricity sellers earning six figures every year) wrote an e-book about their huge success with the platform. The Fiverr Master Class: The Fiverr Secret of Six Power Sellers, From Home to You Will Be Able to to work !

6. Amazon Mechanical Turk

At Amazon you can earn money working online on HITS (Human Intelligence Task). Some tasks I listed exchange information from a business card to a form, paying $ 0.02 cents. Another task was to transmit the voicemail from audio to text (three hours of audio duration), paying $ 76.19. When you complete the job and the applicant approves your work, the money is deposited into your Amazon account. Related Content – Amazon Work From Home Jobs and Money Making Opportunities

7. ClickWorker

ClickWorker is a micro-task platform where you can pay to write, translate, research, and collect data. To get started, create an account, fill out your profile, complete a qualification assessment, and then bid for the jobs. Payment is made by bank account transfer Sepa, and after reaching 5.00 Euros in your account and your tax information is complete. ClickWorker clients include Groupon, Tennis Point, Honda, PayPal, and others.

8. Figure Eight

Figure 8 is a virtual workspace where you can earn money completing simple tasks on your computer. Work includes internet research, data collection, data classification, content creation, content moderation, surveys, etc. While I haven’t been able to find any information on payment rates and how and how payments are made, the Better Business Bureau in Figure Eight has a + rating. Featured on the website and sites like Forbes, LA Times, and TeleCrunch.

9. EasyShift

EasyShift is a micro-task app where you can earn money by completing the shift on your iPhone. Shifts generally allow you to check prices, noting that a product is in stock or taking pictures of store displays. Once you successfully complete your shift, payment will be made through PayPal within 48 hours of shipment. Shift pays between $ 2.00 and $ 20.00 per job. EasyShift is featured in USA Today, All Things Digital, and Mashable.

10. Field agent

Field Agent lets you earn money completing a variety of small tasks, from checking shelf availability, product reviews, to performance compliance. The work pays between $ 3.00 and $ 12.00 and the payment is made through PayPal. The field agent works with brands like Tyson, Target, Hershey and has been featured in CNET, Forbes, and The New York Times. Only available for iPhones.

11. Rev

While not being promoted as a short to-do site, Rev provides a task-based status for transcriptionists, translators, and subtitlers that can be done at any time. The salary range for translators is 0.05 to 0.07 cents per word. For transcripts. It is 0.40 to 0.65 cents per minute of audio, and for closed captions, 0.40 to 0.75 cents per minute of audio. With Rev, you choose your schedule and your projects, and payments are made weekly through PayPal. Rev is featured in Ink, The Wall Street Journal, and VentureBeat.

12. GigWalk

GigWalk is a mobile workforce of individuals who use their smartphones to accomplish small tasks. Simply sign up, request the assignment, and then complete the task (usually checking roads and traffic signs, geographic locations, or transportation options). The Gigwalk workforce is available in many cities across the United States. Gigwalk is featured on CNN, Business Insider, and Forbes.

13. OneSpace

OneSpace is a small work platform where you get paid for a variety of tasks, such as surveys, copy writing, quality control, transcription, and more. To get started, create a free account. To be eligible for more complex and higher paying assignments. You must pass the qualification test. Once you pass the aptitude test, you unlock well-paying jobs. Payment is made through PayPal. OneSpace has an A + rating with the Better Business Bureau.

14. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is an on-demand site where you can perform physical tasks like housework, house cleaning, delivery services, housework, furniture assembly, grocery shopping, and more. To create an account, run a background check and then explore open tasks. City and make an offer. TaskRabbit holds 20% of the payments you make and is paid by check every two weeks when your account reaches $ 25.00. TaskBabbit has appeared on ABC, The Wall Street Journal, and The Today Show.

15. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands hires a US-based virtual assistant to complete a task to make phone calls, schedule appointments, such as tracking down the best price for a product or service, searching the Internet, and entering data. Tasks are priced between $ 3.00 and $ 7.00 per task and increase from there. Payments are made through Dvarola every other Tuesday. With this job, you can work at any time of the day or night.

16. Spare 5

Spare 5 is a microtsk platform that you can sign up to complete small tasks in your spare time. They have a wide variety of jobs, but most of them focus on providing human input for audio clips, videos, or image files. Some sample functions include: Image Interpretation to describe different elements of an image or provide keywords for an image.

Payment is made through PayPal weekly. Based on my research, tasks can be completed quickly and pay between 0.02 and 0.05 cents per task. One person earned $ 14.44 for 90 minutes of work; you can read his full review here. Spare 5 can be done on your computer, iPhone, or Android operating system.

17. Respondent

Respondent is a research study organization that pays people to participate in focus group studies, short surveys, and testing opportunities on websites. According to their website, the average study or survey is 30 minutes long and the average hourly wage is $ 140. Payments are issued through PayPal.

18. Humanatic

If you have less time in your schedule (probably during your child’s nap), you can pay to listen to a phone call on Humantik. With this platform, users log in and listen to recorded phone calls through their computers. Users then tag and classify the call based on certain criteria. Businesses use this information to classify leads so they know which calls to prioritize.

According to your website, you can earn between $ 1.00 and $ 4.50 per hour, depending on your skill and accuracy. Payments are processed weekly through PayPal. I know you must be inspired after seeing this article, so I want to say that wasting time seems to be an important moment in everyone’s life. Good luck to your life and create a new success story in your life.


As I have mentioned 2 methods in this article. I suggest you choose the second method, it will take time to earn money on Facebook page, but later on this page you will get good income. I do not recommend method 1 and this method will definitely give you instant money, but not good money in the long run, it is short term income.

The only reason I mentioned the first method is because I still see people in this age making money with this method and nothing else. It was for this article. I hope you have learned many things, if so, please comment your opinion related to “How to make money with Facebook page likes” in the comment section and I will reply to you.

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