Life and nature are similar concepts

Life and nature are similar concepts because life and nature is the study of how life works and interacts within the sphere of existence. When we take the time to examine the beauty of the world around us, we can see the similarities in our lives. A person who becomes in harmony with nature, is associated with the practice of life. We live on the most beautiful planet, the Earth, with a clean and attractive nature full of greenery (life and nature).

Nature is our best friend because it provides us with all the resources to live here and also gives us water and fresh air to drink. We must enjoy it to the fullest without disturbing the ecological balance of nature. We must take care of our nature, make it peaceful, keep it clean, and save it from destruction so that we may enjoy our nature forever.

Life and nature

Nature is our best friend as it provides us with all the resources to live here. It gives us water to drink, fresh air to breathe, food to eat, land to live, animals and plants for our other uses and so on for our betterment. We must enjoy it to the fullest without disturbing the ecological balance of nature. We must take care of our nature, make it peaceful, keep it clean, and save it from destruction so that we may enjoy our nature forever. Nature is one of the most precious gifts God has given us not for enjoyment but for harm.


Nature is more beautiful and tempting around us which makes us happy and provides us with a natural environment to be healthy. Our nature provides us with a variety of beautiful flowers, wonderful birds and animals, green plants, blue sky, earth, flowing rivers, seas, forests, air, mountains, valleys, hills and much more. Our God has created beautiful life and nature for our healthy life. All that we use in our lives is the property of nature that we must not spoil or harm.

Funding Protection

Closed camera traps have revealed elusive tigers, pampas roaming near biological vines in Walker Bay Fynbos Reserve in South Africa and Condor Valley in Argentina. A generation of humpback whales are experiencing calm seas for the first time (where cargo ships and cruises still do), and from Costa Rica to Indonesia, green sea turtles and sea beak turtles are enjoying an extended season on uninhabited beaches.

While watching nature thrive in the absence of humans is reassuring, in fact, many conservation work is at risk; Without tourism to protect ecosystems and wildlife, thousands of acres and species are vulnerable to exploitation. In Botswana, one of the world’s safest rhinos, poaching soared in March as the endangered black rhino was relocated. In Cambodia, Yana Ventures CEO Willem Niemeyer has also expressed concern.

The Wildlife Conservation Society

Wildlife conservation in the 18,000-hectare Bottom Sakur National Park is under threat due to our inability to get clients.” Cardamom Tented Camp is a non-profit operation that provides funds for sentry stations and for-profit patrol activities… Everyone is taking a hit and therefore The poaching is increasing.” The Wildlife Conservation Society believes that three critically endangered giant ibis died for meat in April as a result of the shutdown of tourism in Cambodia.

Illegal fishing continues in some of Indonesia’s conservation hotspots. In April, rangers from the 120,000-hectare Misool Marine Reserve caught fishermen taking advantage of the sudden void caused by the collapse in tourism in Raja Ampat. In cooperation with the Maritime Police, the rangers confiscated 150 kg of fish, including ecologically sensitive species.

wildlife, tourists, rangers

In addition to offering a financial incentive to protect wildlife, tourists, rangers, and guides provide much-needed eyes and ears on Earth. Without it, decades of conservation are at risk, particularly in places where declining tourism leads to job losses, and bushmeat poaching will increase. “When we travel again, it will be important to support the protection of financing and investment in local communities, as well as recognizing where an ongoing period of rest can benefit,” says Delphine King, CEO of The Long Run.

Promote biodiversity

From the moss-mossed primrose forest blooms to the tattered cypress bushes, with pops of colorful shimmer, wildflowers provide an escape from reality like never before this spring. The UK is going through one of the most natural changes in the world, but experts are hopeful the lockdown will turn things around. May is a crucial month for biodiversity, so with lockdown restricting General Council activities, such as mowing and mowing, plants and animals can get a much-needed boost.

Recreating a travel and advocacy group in Scotland: The Big Picture recommends taking pictures (if it is safe to do so) from the flowering edges to campaign for sustainable change. Meanwhile, Frans Schippers, Managing Director of Rebuild Europe, reminds us that “the reality is that we may see more wildlife because we are now seeing the benefits of long-term efforts: better protection, less hunting, better habitats, safe havens and less hunting.

wildlife benefits

There are less tangible forces at play as well. Dr Phoebe Carter, chief ecologist at Habitat First Group, expressed optimism: “With less traffic, bird song has never been clearly heard, hedgehogs are less likely to be injured, and wildlife benefits from public green spaces. Which are less pruned..Lockdown has helped a lot of people reconnect and now we have to be ‘inclusive of nature’ in everything we do.

After taking a lot of solace from the natural wonders on your doorstep over the past few months, the UK’s conservation-led places to stay are hoping this will lead to future bookings. One example is the Elmley National Nature Reserve in Essex, where guests can watch barn owls gliding over reeds or feeding a few meters away.

Life and nature
Life and nature are similar concepts

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