The Nature Cure, it is almost common knowledge by now that spending time in nature is good for you

The Nature Cure, Nature’s Cure The mind and body benefit from being in nature for two hours each week. It is almost common knowledge by now that spending time in nature is good for you. Areas with more trees are less polluted, so spending time there will allow you to breathe easier. Spending time outside is associated with lowering blood pressure and stress, and motivating people to exercise more.

The Nature Cure

Researcher at the University of Exeter School of Medicine Matthew B. “So it should come as no surprise that it’s a good idea to spend time in the nature cure,” White says. I mean, it’s been known for thousands of years. Dozens of papers show it. We get this idea, patients come to us and they’re like, ‘Doctor, how much time do I have to spend? And the doctors say, I really don’t know.”

So White and his team decided to find out, using data collected from nearly 20,000 people in England by observing engagement with The Nature Cure, the Natural Environment Survey and their answer? Two hours a week. People who had spent at least that long in nature — either once or during several short trips — were more likely to report good health and psychological well-being than those who had not been exposed to nature.


Remarkably, the researchers found that there was no significant benefit in less than two hours. So what sets you apart in two hours! “I have absolutely no idea. Really. We didn’t have a foretaste guess at what it would be. It showed up. And I’d be lying if I said we expected it. I don’t know.”

Most importantly, the two-hour standard applies to men, women, the elderly, young people, people of different ethnic backgrounds, occupational groups, socio-economic levels, and so on. Even people with long-term illnesses or disabilities benefit from time spent in nature – as long as it’s at least 120 minutes a week. The study is in the journal Scientific Reports.

The nature cure

While the findings are based on an overwhelming number of people, White cautions that this is just an association. No one knows why or how nature took advantage of this advantage or even if the results would withstand even more rigorous scrutiny. “I want to be really clear about this. It’s a very early stage. We’re not saying that everyone has to do 120.

It’s really just to start the conversation, saying what the threshold is going to look like? What research do we need to do to the next step before we can? Do doctors have the real confidence to work with their patients? But it is definitely a starting point.” World Nature Conservation Day 2021:

Environment conservation

Here are Things You Could do to Conserve Natural Resources. Human activities since the last century or so have had a devastating impact on natural vegetation and resource. The quest for rapid industrialization and cutting down of forest cover to make space for the ever-growing population brought climate change and other environmental implications. While awareness about environment conservation has grown in the past few years, we still have a long way to go before positive steps show their result.

World Natural Conservation Day is celebrated every year on July 28 to raise awareness about the importance of working for a healthy environment. The day aims at promoting best practices to protect our environment. Any big wave of change starts off with small individual contributions and here are things you could do as your bit for conserving natural resources.


One of the biggest threats to the environment is the use of plastic. While the material is cheap and very convenient to usein real life, it comes with environmental implication. Plastics products are non-biodegradable and leave their trace in our surroundings. So, the first step towards working for environment conservation is to cut down the use of plastic products in your life. Use products made of degradable and natural components instead of plastic items.

The nature cure
The Nature Cure, it is almost common knowledge by now that spending time in nature is good for you

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