Top 10 Android Apps for Best WhatsApp

Top 10 Android Apps for Best WhatsApp Status Download. If you are using whatsapp and update your whatsapp video status daily, I will discuss 10 android apps that serve many whatsapp status. Use these 10 apps to find jokes, latest videos or more with the top 10 Android apps for the best WhatsApp status download. Download the best WhatsApp status apps for Android:

Android Apps for Best WhatsApp Status Download

In today’s life, we have spent a lot of time on social media and share various content with friends or family. Update our status daily with various festivals and occasions. This time people like to share, post and tag along with various images, short videos with music on social media. On these platforms, some popular social websites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram share your status every day.

Many people look for attractive positions in search engines to differentiate their position from that of others. I will make a list of applications that presents beautiful whatsapp statuses for you. WhatsApp has many more functions, such as that you can share various content with your friends and family. You can manage your groups separately and use them on a laptop or desktop using WhatsApp Web.

Change your position daily according to festivals and occasions, read the full article. Download Top 10 Android Apps for WhatsApp Video Status – Save time searching various websites to find attractive status, use these apps and download status and update your social platform.

1. ShareChat

Video Status and Make Friends Android.. this application is WhatsApp Video Status Downloader App is the best application for Android and provides various functions to users. You can download whatsapp status and share videos, funny jokes, jif, shayari and whats etc. You can make friends in the sharechat app and share shayari, funny jokes, and more. This app is available for over 13 languages, which means your language doesn’t matter. You can access this application in your preferred language and use the application without interruption.

2. Video

Android Download and Share Status.. the 10 best Android apps to download the best whatsapp status. This is another best WhatsApp video status download app, you get all kinds of status and you can change status according to your mod. This application is available in more than 13 languages and choose your language and use comfortable without interruptions. The extraordinary feature of this application is that you can use My Status Maker and create an impressive position using your audio, video or image.

3. Hello

WhatsApp status, video clip and Android chat.. Hello! app is the best WhatsApp video status downloader app and you can make new friends using Halo app. Share jokes, comedy videos, quotes and wishes with your friends. You can also share regional videos with your friends who speak your language.

The Halo application supports more than 13 regional languages to make it easier for users and users can easily connect with the application. Download the latest WhatsApp trending status or share it with your friends and many more things like jokes, comedy videos, wishes, etc. You can say that the Halo app status downloader is one of the best and in my opinion you should give it a try.

4. Ropos

Video Status, Chat & Win Android.. This app is also the best WhatsApp video status downloader app and you get many features like downloading or sharing status or images. You get over 20 channels from where status videos are uploaded. The new daily status arrives for the Ropos application. The attractive feature of this application is that you can get status videos from this application. This application pays directly to Paytm, upload your video paying based on the status of video views.

5. Vijay

Video Song Status on Android.. This app is a great WhatsApp video status downloader app and it is trending new status videos just for your social media. Most of the videos are short videos and can be downloaded easily. Its interface is simple and easy to use, so anyone can use it. If you get an application that only provides status, then this application is your right to match. It is quick to share and download options, using this option you can easily share with your friends. Use this app and change your social status and show your ways with friends.

6. State 2019

Amazing Android Quotes.. This app is the best whatsapp vids status downloader app and you can use 1000+ whatsapp statuses to keep in touch with your family and friends. Get 106 status categories for your convenience and search for any type of position using its various categories. Get the latest trending messages and categories like love messages / wishes / quotes / jokes and huge categories. You can share your status with your different padding and modems. Be active on social media using this app with its huge categories.

7. Yo Yo

Status Plus Live Chat Room Android.. It is best if you want an application that incorporates many functions in one application. You will get different trending videos from different platforms. Most of the status videos come from big video platforms like TicTalk, YouTube, etc. Another feature of this application is that it creates a platform where you make great friends and increase your friend to chat.

8. Welike

Android Video Trending Opportunity.. I am sure you will like this app. If you use this app on occasions, our Hinduism is lost on occasions or festivals and you can prepare your state with festivals using this app. Launch this application with Dharma Bhasha yourself and use it without hassle. We believe the app is available in more than 14 Dharma languages for user convenience. At different festivals, different fun contests are started in the app and you can play with your friends.

9. VMate Status 2019

Android Videos Everywhere. In the VMate Status app you get an amazing theme with tons of categories to explore trending status videos. You can imagine the various categories available, as some categories are status videos, quotas, wishes, shayari, comedy videos, etc. You get the latest hot videos of 2019 with the fastest server to increase download speed. You can watch videos, movies and different inputs in this application. Replace your app with the latest video status.

Better DP and Status: More Android Categories..

This is the best app where you get DP and status with a lot of categories to make your position attractive and uniqueness of your profile. This app has various categories like love / cute, perspective, funny, romantic, festival, etc. Make your situation attractive and increase more views.

How to run Android application on Windows Emulator for windows
How to run Android application on Windows Emulator for windows

How to run Android application on Windows Emulator for windows. If you are using a smartphone, you must know about Android. Android is the largest operating system in the world that is used in most of the smartphones. The Android operating system provides many functions for the user and you can enjoy many different functions of Android by using the Android application. There are 2.7 million applications available on the official Android store (Play Store).

How to run Android apps on Windows Emulator?

If your smartphone has small hardware, you may not enjoy all Android features or maybe you can use iPhone and want to upgrade to Android, before upgrading experience all Android features. Then you come to the right place. In this article, I will explain what an emulator is and how to run Android apps on Windows using the Android emulator.

There are many software available for Windows to enjoy all the functions of the Android operating system. You can use Windows as an Android virtual device, there is no external hardware for Windows to use as a virtual device that requires only one software, you can install all things and It works smoothly and experiences great features.

What is the Android emulator?

You may need some basic information about the Android emulator before installing the emulator on your PC. Basically, an Android emulator is software that creates a path to enjoy all the functions of the operating system without any external hardware. There is no need for external hardware, you can experience Android OS on Windows / Mac just like a smartphone. It can say, Android emulator or AVD (Android virtual device).

Why use the Android emulator?

There is no simple explanation for using the emulator as some people use it for personal use and others may use it for commercial purposes. An AVD plays a very important role in Android application development, if you are an Android application developer. You must know about the role of Android emulator in software development.

If you have a smartphone with limited hardware, you won’t be able to enjoy most of the Android features, but if you have a PC, then you should enjoy high-quality graphics games, great apps, and many more. The official Android application development software from Google, which is “Android Studio”, uses AVD to test the application.

The most important reason to use the Android emulator is that you get all the Android apps for free and the latest updates regularly. For example, PUBG Mobile is free for Android users, but paid for PC users. You can experience all the features of Pub setup apps on Windows with the help of Android emulator. The Android emulator is safe!

Android emulators are absolutely safe to use, this software uses Android SDK which was written in Java. Java is a safe programming language and the program is used for application development. Java is a safe language and the Android emulator is safe too. On the varieties of Android emulators available in the market and in this article I will tell you which software is the best to experience Android features.

Top 5 Android Emulators for Laptops / Desktops

I think you will understand about the emulator and why I can use the android emulator. There are excellent emulators available for the system, some software is free and some are paid.

How to run Android apps on Windows?

I will explain the type of emulator both paid and free. The best feature of the emulator is that it will transform your monitor or screen into a smartphone that takes advantage of all the Android features. If you want to play, forget about the small screen of your smartphone and use an emulator to experience games and other applications. I will explain the details of all emulators with user appeal.

1. Knox Player

Android application on Windows, how to run Android application on Windows. How to run Android apps on Windows. Knox Player is my favorite emulator as there is an option from Avells to create AVDs according to your requirements. It provides a variety of functions to users and enhances the user experience. The dashboard of this player is similar to the dashboard of a smartphone, you can manually manage all AVD settings. The gaming experience has no comparison with other emulators.

It does not compare with others. If your laptop has less hardware, don’t worry because you can manage the hardware properties of this emulator using its internal function. Demand how much RAM you use or how many cores you use to process for a total operation. This software offers the option to enable or disable “root” to maximize functions. This software is available for free for Windows and Mac.

key features

  • Manage settings easily.
    Latest version of Android Android 7.
    Top performance mode.
    Drag and drop application installation.
    Keyboard controls and multiple examples.
    Macro record.
    Downloads – Windows (8.10) | Mac OS

2. Remix OS Player

Android application on Windows, how to run Android application on Windows. How to run Android apps on Windows. Enhance your gaming experience with Remix OS Player. The main feature of this software is that it will merge it with your installed operating system. The amazing thing about this remix operating system is that it takes advantage of all the Android features in Windows.

Remix OS is part of the Android family, as this operating system is available with smartphone compatibility. Remix OS is built with C + and Java. Additionally, Remix OS is available for installation on Windows as the operating system. If you are a lover of Android applications, then you must install this operating system on your PC. If you want to experience all of Android, you can use it as AVD. In remix OS AVD player you have all the facilities. You can also install this software on Windows 7.

key features

  • Play multiple games at the same time.
    Available for x32 bit or x62 bit.
    Custom button mapping.
    Compatible with all Play Store apps or games.
    Download – Windows

3. Bluestack Player

Turn your PC into a gaming PC with the help of Bluestack Player. You get the latest version of Android which is Android 7 Nougat to support most apps and games. Bluestack is a popular Android emulator and it is easy to use on any type of operating system. The user interface of this software is a bit complicated, but there are some additional features available to remove the limitation of the emulator.

The Bluestack software was developed in 2011 and is based in San Francisco. This emulator is available for x64 bit or x32 bit. It has a unique Application Center built into the Bluestack software, using this Application Center you can download different applications with different categories. If you are a content creator, you will join the Bluestack affiliate and a lot of affiliate marketing money.

key features

  • Latest version of Android Android N.
    Available for x32 bit or x62 bit.
    Stable with super independent graphics hardware.
    Integrated app store.
    Download – Windows

4. Andi emulator

Modernize your PC with Andy and convert your system to Android to enjoy a variety of applications and games. Andy’s advantageous feature is that it is available for Windows and MacOS. You can enhance the gaming experience by using Andy’s emulator. You get the andy software for free and it installs in two easy steps. You can easily customize some functions of the andy emulator and run them smoothly. The best feature is that you can create remote contacts with PCs and smartphones to use as mouse or gamepad.

key features

  • Simple UI.
    Customizable settings.
    Keyboard mapping.
    Multi-touch support.
    Xbox / ps controller.
    Developer support.
    Download – Windows | Mac OS

5. Feeling of birth

Android application on Windows, how to run Android application on Windows. Genomission is an Android emulator specifically designed for developers to design applications. You can connect Gnomination with Android Studio for a test application after successful creation. Payment is made to use this software, but you can use this software for free as a trial version.

Genymotion is available on both offline and online platforms, I mean, if you are an application tester, you can buy genomotion plans to test your applications. You get free genomotion software on third party websites, but you don’t get all the features of genomination premium. I prefer that if you are an application tester you use Gnomination otherwise.

key features

  • Available for Windows and Mac OS.
    Create multiple AVDs.
    Sensor and function simulation.
    Shortcut avd.
    Download – Windows | Mac OS
How to run Android application on Windows Emulator for windows
How to run Android application on Windows Emulator for windows

The conclusion

If you want to explore all the functions of an Android application or game, you need an emulator, emulators can expand the visibility and processing speed by using the core of your high-speed system.

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