What is web hosting and domain name in 2021

What is web hosting and domain, and its essential components. If you have a website or plan to start a website, then you definitely need to know about hosting and domain, without these two you cannot start a website. If you have a website or want to start a website in the future. You definitely know about website hosting and what it takes for the website.

If you don’t know about web hosting or you use it first then you have no idea about hosting and which one is the best for you. Complete beginner’s guide for you. In this guide, we will get an idea about what web hosting is, types of web hosting, and why hosting is required and some hosting terms are required.

What is web hosting?

In two lines, we can say that hosting is a service in which we display all the data (pages, posts) of the website when the visitor comes to your site. A web hosting or web hosting is a paid service, that is, if you want to use a hosting or server, you can pay for the space you use on the server. Types of web hosting or website hosting. Website hosting is classified into 4 categories based on traffic, user, and capacity:

1. Shared web hosting

When a server is divided into the number of servers and is hosted on that type of server, it is called shared web hosting. His name seems shared, he’s such a cheap and best host for a beginner.

2. VPS hosting

VPS stands for virtual private hosting and we can say that this hosting is intermediate level hosting. VPS hosting is also shared but in this hosting the server is divided into several parts. We can say that the advanced version of web hosting is VPS hosting and it analyzes the average amount of traffic from the host.

3. Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is by far the best hosting because in this hosting you will be hosting your website on a hole server. We can say that dedicated hosting is the best hosting because, in this case. The user has a large amount of data about why he uses the entire server. Such hosting is mainly used by the e-commerce industry, the television industry, etc.

4. Cloud hosting

This hosting is the future advanced hosting and the best part about this hosting is that you can manually modify your server settings according to your needs. By name, it seems that all servers connect like clouds because servers in the cloud provide the maximum performance and uptime. Some important conditions to remember.. You get detailed information about the hosting and now you will get all the hosting terms.

  • Website migration – the process of transferring your website from one host to another.
  • Secure Socket Layer Certificate: SSL is a security protocol for every website and this certificate presents that your website is safe and secure.
  • Website Builder – With Website Builder you can design your website without coding knowledge and it comes with a variety of building blocks to design a professional website.
  • Domain Name Server (DNS): Domain name servers are like a registrar and register a domain name address in the IP address.
  • Web host control panel – You have various tools in the control panel and those tools simplify your website management.
  • FTP – File Transfer Protocol helps you connect your system to the server directly. Some FTP programs FileZilla, FTP Voyager.

Recently, you will get all the basic information about hosting and components from your dashboard and now you can follow the steps below to choose the best web host.

Premium hosting features

If you are a Blogger user, I mean blogspot, then you definitely do not know the actual functions that you have. Some features are described below

  • Set up a website in a few minutes.
    No coding skills required.
    Personal email.
    If you use CMS (WordPress).
    You will get many plugins to simplify your work.
    Control Panel
    Website Backup
How to create a blog in WordPress with zero coding skills?

Looking to create a blog or website in WordPress, in this post you will get a short description of How to blog in WordPress and you will also start to learn that blog. Create a blog in WordPress… How to create a blog in WordPress without free coding skills!

How to make a free blog in WordPress?

I know how much effort it takes to create an amazing blog in WordPress and this article gives you a complete guide on how to start a blog in WordPress with my little experience on your blogging journey. If you know the main points of WordPress, then the process of starting a blog is easy.

If you are new to this place, I mean you are new to blogging, then you lack the knowledge about WordPress and all its elements. WordPress is a content management system or a CMS where users manage their content with little effort. No high-level coding knowledge required due to WordPress.

  • To start a blog in WordPress you need 2 things
    Domain name (address of your website or blog)
    Website hosting (the place where you store all the data on your website)

If you have two things, you will start a successful WordPress blog without coding.

What we cover in this post?
  • # Required domain name and how to choose the correct domain name
  • # Choose the best hosting for your site
  • # How do you install wordpress on your host?
  • # Best WordPress Theme for Comprehensive Design
  • # Customize your blog
  • # Write Your First SEO Friendly Blog Post
  • # Plugins you install that speed up your WordPress blog
  • # Link Analytics and Search Console on your site
  • # Some external tips that drive a lot of traffic to your site
  • # How to monetize your blog / income streams on a blog
Are you ready….

If you are going to start a new blog then you have come to the right place because most newbies make mistakes when choosing the right platform for their blog.

How much do I earn with a WordPress blog?

1 Required domain name and how to choose the correct domain name. There are basically two popular platforms on the blogging journey which are WordPress and Blogger. If you are really dedicated to starting a new blog, I would like you to start your WordPress journey.

At first you need to invest some money, but if you are serious blogging, it will be fine. If you are unsure, you can use the free blogging platform blogger.com. But it has some drawbacks and does not customize the blog to your requirements. So buy cheap web host with a 100% 30 day money back guarantee.

  • Hostinger (personally use)
  • A2Hosting (slightly higher cost)

If you want the best hosting and you have a low budget, I prefer to buy hosting from Hostinger. WordPress is the best free cms and you can customize your blog according to your needs. If you notice that most bloggers use WordPress because it’s free and easy to customize thanks to plugins.

There are two WordPress platforms:
  • WordPress.org
  • WordPress.com

You can download WordPress software from wordpress.org and use it for free, but if you choose wordpress.com, you will have to pay to use all the functions of WordPress. WordPress.Org creates a free platform where people use all Wp services but you have to pay for plugin features or additional features.

In WordPress, if you want customer support or updates from the theme company, you have to pay for it. WordPress is free to use, but especially paid plugins and themes. Why a domain name and how to choose the right domain name.

Most of the novice bloggers pick the wrong domain name for their blog and start their blogging journey. It doesn’t change your domain name when you choose the wrong domain as it affects your search ranking as well as traffic. That is why an ideal domain name selection is required…

When looking for a good domain you find it quite difficult, yes, I agree but you will find a good domain name with a few simple steps. Follow the steps below to get a correct domain name for your bogey:

#Step – 1

First choose your niche where you are right.

#Step – 2

Now open a website where you get an idea about your domain while entering your target keywords. domainwheel – Domain Name Generator, # 10 How To Make A Free WordPress Blog With Zero Coding Skill, How To Create A Free WordPress Blog

#step – 3

The name of the website is Domain Wheel.
Select the extension according to your needs.

Domainwheel – domain name generator, how to create a blog in wordpress for free. The advantage of this domain name generator website is that it creates random domain names that are available for purchase and saves you time. Now go to any domain registrar and buy the selected domain name. If you are buying a hosting get a free domain name from the hosting company, the guide is available in the next step.

Choose the best hosting for your site

You have now selected a domain name for your blog. Now a question arises in your mind how do I add a list to my website or Google. Don’t worry, all the answers to the queries are available in this post. Your first question is how do I add content to my blog, for this you have to add your blog / website to the host.

What is a host?

Every website or blog has a host or hosting. It can be said that hosting is where a website stores all the data. When some users ping that domain, the data pings from the hosting server and displays it to the user. Now you underestimate the real need to host a website.

I like that if you are starting a blog or website, you buy a hosting because it increases your website performance and increases ranking. If you are new to blogging, then I like to start your journey with shared web hosting.

Configure the server

Dedicated hosting means that your website will be hosted on the entire server, this means you pay for a dedicated server. There are no other websites available on that server, only your website is available on it. VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server) means that you will configure the server according to your requirements, root your server or install any operating system according to your requirements and share it with others.

It handles between 1000 and 1000 visitors a day. Shared Hosting is the best accommodation for beginners, as any beginner can afford this type of accommodation. The above two hosts are expensive and a beginner cannot afford them. You can buy a shared hosting from Hostinger for $ 0.99 – $ 3 a month.

Domain and hosting

If you are on a high budget, choose A2hosting. Handles 100 to 500 visitors a day. I think you now understand which hosting is right for you. If you buy a premium plan of any hosting, you get a free domain for 1 year. Now watch the video below on how to indicate your domain for hosting, if your domain and hosting provider are the same then skip this step.

  • Point to your domain to host
    I think you understand how to go through the steps if you don’t do this:
    Open the hosting panel
    Now click on Available Accommodation in the menu.
    Click on “Add Website”.
    Now enter your domain name and password.
    Open your domain registrar and change the DNS of the domain given to you by your host.
    Wait 24 hours, your domain will point automatically.
Why do I choose Hostinger for my site?

When I started my blogging journey, I noticed that there are many hosting providers, but each provider has higher hosting cost, but only Hostinger offers cheap web hosting. My second reason for choosing Hostinger is that I already use this provider when they offer free hosting to users. From that moment I saw the efficiency of the hosting server. I already see its features like Free SSL, Free Hostinger CDN or more.

Some outstanding features of Hostinger

1. Low price – Better service: There is a big difference with other providers if you check the prices of Hostinger plans.

2.100% Money Back Guarantee – All users have some fear before buying a new hosting service. If that provider offers poor service, my investment will be at a loss. Hostinger offers a 100% money back guarantee (you can cancel your hosting in 30 days) to eliminate the fear of newbies.

3. Free Hostinger Domain: If you buy any Hosting (except single plan), you will get a free Hostinger SSL domain name as well as free SSL.

4. Hostinger Cloudflare CDN: if you buy hosting from you, the hostinger team will give you free cloudfare cdn for one domain.

How to install WordPress on Hostinger?

If you have completed the above two tasks, 70% of your work is complete. Now the main point is how to install WordPress on your host. I will show you how to install WordPress on a Hostinger account:

  • Open the dashboard and click administration.
  • Install wordpress, how to create a blog in wordpress for free.
  • Now scroll down and find the automatic installer and click on it.
  • Open Auto Installer.. How to make a free blog in WordPress.
  • You can see that there are many cms available.
  • But search wordpress and click.
  • Install WordPress, create a free Blog.
  • WordPress installed successfully, create a free blog
  • Some Best WordPress Theme for Comprehensive Design
  • The WordPress theme is available for free and paid on WordPress.
  • If you buy a paid theme, you get some additional customization features.
Some popular quick WordPress themes are:
  • GeneratePress
  • OceanWp
  • Astra
  • Hestia

My main goal in choosing the above theme is that you can easily customize it and that the speed of the theme is good. Google’s ranking algorithm states that the chances of ranking on Google are higher if your website has good speed. If you want to give your site a professional look, you should use a professional looking page builder. I use two popular page builders.

1. Elementor

Element is available in free version and paid version. If you go for the free version, you won’t get many blocks to customize. If you are on a budget, I suggest you buy Thrive Architect Page Builder, which gives you a comprehensive page builder and provides full advanced level customization.

2. Thrive Architect

If you want to create a unique design for your site, Elementor’s best option is Thrive Architect. Thrive Architect Highlights –

  • It is compatible with all WordPress themes.
    Simple user interface
    More customizable blocks

Write Your First SEO Friendly Blog Post – In WordPress, you don’t need any code because they provide pre-built blocks. You can add font color, image or more with one click. You get two editors after the latest update of WordPress Classic Editor and Block Editor (Gutenberg). Both classic editors are very easy to use and you can create your posts with a modern look without any skills. There are two editors available to you, but you have to find the right one for you.

3. Classic editor

The classic editor has been available for WordPress since its inception. The classic editor looks like the image below the block. If you use the word MS, the classic editor is the same, which means all functions. You will add your content to your post in a classic way.

If you feel easy to use MS Office, I suggest you use Classic Editor, then you feel favorable about writing posts. But now there is the problem that WordPress should change its default editor from classic editor to block editor. Don’t worry if you want the classic editor then you can install two pugins and follow the usage step:

How to use Classic Editor in WordPress?

To change your block editor to classic editor, you need to install two plugins. Open the plugins section and find Classic Editor and Block Editor. Now install and activate both plugins. Congratulations You have now installed Classic Editor on your blog. Now you will get all the Block Editor functions in Classic Editor.

Block editor

Block Editor comes to WordPress after its 5.0 update. The best feature of this block is that it will modify each block according to your needs. Block Editor converts each section into a different shape and helps you make edits easily. For example, if you write a paragraph and you want to change the color of the paragraph then you don’t need to select the entire paragraph, just select that particular block and change the color.

Write SEO Friendly Articles

The best part about WordPress is that you get a lot of plugins that reduce your workload. This plugin will check your written posts that need to be optimized with on-page metrics. An SEO plugin that helps you optimize your posts and website ranking. The name of the plugin is “Rank Math”.

What is Rank Math SEO?

RunkMath is an SEO plugin that helps you make your website SEO. Some parameters are available on the page when you write your post. Rank Math matches all post parameters like Title, URL, and Title or more. If you miss one of these, perform ranking calculations and then forget to put your keyword in that section. Write an SEO friendly article using rank math, how to install WordPress for free.

Plugins you install that speed up your WordPress blog. The most difficult point of Google is the speed of the page. If your website doesn’t have good speed, your posts never rank on Google because you get a high bounce rate. If you are starting your own blog or your website is not a good authority on Google, then you use AMP pages that load your WordPress site quickly.

AMP – Amp stands for “instant mobile pages” and these pages are lightweight and fully HTML. Convert your pages to plain HTML pages and your pages load faster. The best WordPress plugin for AMP is “AMP for WP”. If you have an AMP page on your website, check it by typing “Yoursite.com/amp”.

Link Analytics and Search Console on your site

A successful blog requires proper analysis for your blog. The best analytics platform is Google Analytics. You can connect your website to Google Analytics with just one push. The best official plugin or plugin of Google is Google Site Kit. To make bloggers work easier, Google appreciates an official plugin which is Google Site Kit. This plugin connects to your Google account and adds Google Analytics and Google Search Console with one click.

Some external tips that bring a lot of traffic to your site

If your swamp is at least 6 months old, traffic will automatically be directed to your blog, but novice bloggers face zero traffic issues. So today I give you some tips that will help you generate traffic in your initial time. My favorite source where you can generate good traffic is Quora.

1. Quora

Quora is a question and answer website where users ask questions or answer questions. If you are an affiliate marketer and you are not getting targeted traffic from Google, the best source is Quora. I already explained that if a user has doubts, ask on Quora. You can use your experience on that blog and get variable traffic from it.

For example, if a user asks “how to create a blog”, she will appear in that question and explain about the blog and what materials are required to blog (link to her affiliate website Embed). If that user is satisfied with your answer, it definitely generates a lead.

2. Google question center

Recently, Google launched the Google Question Hub for Askers. It is also the same platform but it has two benefits since it is a Google product. If you write an article aimed at the intention of some user queries, you increase your authority on behalf of Google and also generate variable traffic.

How to monetize your blog?

Congratulations, you won a blog to make money … Now you are thinking about how to monetize your blog. There are many ways to monetize a blog, but I will explain the best ways to monetize a blog. These methods will work if you are really dedicated to your blog. There is no way to earn hundreds of thousands of rupees in one night or one day. You saw that people can earn millions of rupees in one day.

But you don’t know that they have tried for a long time after achieving such results. Most bloggers prefer demonetizing content using ad networks, but I don’t, because it takes a lot of traffic to generate good income using ad networks. Now that you are wondering how to make money from my WordPress blog, the answer is affiliate marketing.

How to monetize your blog with affiliate products?

The bottom line of affiliate marketing is that you will recommend a product to a person if they buy it, it generates income. Most bloggers use these methods to generate money to earn 80% of their income. Because in most cases you get $ 100 for a single sale. A real life example is that if your friend buys a new DTH connection with your referral, you get a free bonus of Rs 100-200.

Now you wonder what qualities I need to be an affiliate, then the answer is that you must have a little knowledge about the product you are promoting. You can join your niche or interested related affiliate programs. There are many affiliate programs that you connect to and earn a good income. I suggest that if you want to have a good conversation on your blog, then promote the product you use, there is the possibility of more interaction. With this Affiliate you get products related to the niche:

  • Amazon
    CJ Affiliate

You can find related products from the above three affiliate programs.

How to monetize your blog with ads?

Advertising, which is the best way to make money from a blog, is good when you get a good pastime of monthly visitors to your website. The best platform to monetize your blog is Google Adsense. Before adding Adsense ads, you must request approval from Google Adsense.

After applying Adsense, the adsense team checks whether your site is eligible for Adsense or not, if eligible, you get approval from Adsense. Now you need to put a script on your WordPress blog and your ads will start running on your website.

Remember that if your website is getting a good amount of traffic then use adsense because the Google adsense payment model is CPM and RPM. RPM (REVENUE PER MILE): Google pays for ads when there are 1000 impressions on your website.

CPC (COST PER CLICK): In this model, Adsense will pay you for each click on an ad and your earnings will vary based on the bid on the ad. It depends on the platform you have monetized. If you use affiliate marketing, you earn more based on Adsense.

What is web hosting
What is web hosting and domain name?

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