What is website hosting? Why hosting most important for Domain?

What is website hosting and its essential components. If you have a website or plan to start a website, then you definitely need to know about hosting and domain, without these two you cannot start a website. If you have a website or want to start a website in the future.

You definitely know about website hosting and what it takes for the websiteIf you don’t know about web hosting or you use it first then you have no idea about hosting and which one is the best for you.

Complete beginner’s guide for you. In this guide, we will get an idea about what web hosting is, types of web hosting, and why hosting is required and some hosting terms are required.

Let us begin…

Table of Contents

  • What is website hosting?
  • Types of web hosting or website hosting
  • Some important conditions to remember
  • Premium hosting features
  • The conclusion

What is website hosting?

In two lines, we can say that hosting is a service in which we display all the data (pages, posts) of the website when the visitor comes to your site.

A web hosting or web hosting is a paid service, that is, if you want to use a hosting or server, you can pay for the space you use on the server.

Types of web hosting or website hosting

Website hosting is classified into 4 categories based on traffic, user, and capacity.

1. Shared web hosting

When a server is divided into the number of servers and is hosted on that type of server, it is called shared web hosting. His name seems shared, he’s such a cheap and best host for a beginner.

2. VPS hosting

VPS stands for virtual private hosting and we can say that this hosting is intermediate level hosting. VPS hosting is also shared but in this hosting the server is divided into several parts.

We can say that the advanced version of web hosting is VPS hosting and it analyzes the average amount of traffic from the host.

3. Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is by far the best hosting because in this hosting you will be hosting your website on a hole server. We can say that dedicated hosting is the best hosting because, in this case.

The user has a large amount of data about why he uses the entire server. Such hosting is mainly used by the e-commerce industry, the television industry, etc.

4. Cloud hosting

This hosting is the future advanced hosting and the best part about this hosting is that you can manually modify your server settings according to your needs.

By name, it seems that all servers connect like clouds because servers in the cloud provide the maximum performance and uptime.

Some important conditions to remember

You get detailed information about the hosting and now you will get all the hosting terms.

  • Website migration – the process of transferring your website from one host to another.
  • Secure Socket Layer Certificate: SSL is a security protocol for every website and this certificate presents that your website is safe and secure.
  • Website Builder – With Website Builder you can design your website without coding knowledge and it comes with a variety of building blocks to design a professional website.
  • Domain Name Server (DNS): Domain name servers are like a registrar and register a domain name address in the IP address.
  • Web host control panel – You have various tools in the control panel and those tools simplify your website management.
  • FTP – File Transfer Protocol helps you connect your system to the server directly. Some FTP programs FileZilla, FTP Voyager ..,

Recently, you will get all the basic information about hosting and components from your dashboard and now you can follow the steps below to choose the best web host.

Premium hosting features

If you are a Blogger user, I mean blogspot, then you definitely do not know the actual functions that you have. Some features are described below

  • Set up a website in a few minutes.
  • No coding skills required.
  • Personal email.
  • If you use CMS (wordpress).
  • You will get many plugins to simplify your work.
  • Control Panel
  • Website Backup


In my opinion, if you are a blogger, you definitely buy a hosting, it doesn’t matter, it’s cloud hosting or web hosting.

The main reason why I suggest is that you save most of your time by installing the best cms wordpress in the world, it simplifies your efforts and increases your hard work.

The second thing is that if you want to rank your post on Google then it will help you a lot, from website speed to website optimization with some plugins. If you really want to become a blogging operator or earn something, buy hosting now.

I think you definitely get knowledge about what is website hosting, types of website hosting and more, if you have any questions, comment, I assure you that you will definitely give the possible answer

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